11 metal shades
of Cobber

4 plated / 2 varnished / 3 living / 2 PVD

Cobber plated
High-strength metal coatings on brass, obtained by electroplating.
A high thickness of nickel supports an extremely hard surface finish film
cr - Chrome


The hardest and the brightest, the everlasting finish on brass
gn - Brushed Nickel


Brushed Nickel
Brushed nickel first, inoxidable matt nickel on top
ai - aged iron


aged iron
Brushed nickel first, black chrome on top
bk - black chrome


black chrome
Bright nickel first, Black chrome on top
Cobber varnished
Surfaces enamelled with two layers of liquid paint baked in a kiln to achieve maximum abrasion and corrosion resistance
bl - Matt Black


Matt Black
Deep black varnish, matt tone without shine
wh - Matt White


Matt White
Pure white varnish, matt tone without shine
Cobber living colours
Metal in its natural state, left free to oxidise without any protection.
The fascination of material that ages and transforms according to environmental conditions
ab - Aged Brass


Aged Brass
An accelerated aging process provides a beautiful organic look
bb - Brushed Brass


Brushed Brass
The metal alloy in its natural state, finely brushed
nb - Natural Brass


Natural Brass
The metal alloy in its natural state, mirror polished
Cobber PVD
Vacuum deposition of metal particles; an unchangeable finish of exceptional hardness and corrosion resistance
BBP - Brushed Brass PVD


Brushed Brass PVD
A fine brushed texture, combined with the warmth peculiar of brass
BCP - Brushed Copper PVD


Brushed Copper PVD
A red copper hue with a strong personality