12 metal shades of Cobber

4 plated / 2 varnished / 4 living / 2 PVD

Cobber plated
Chrome and Nickel plating with extra thickness for an excellent result
cr - Chrome


For elegance and sophistication, Chrome is a finish with a charming characteristic and it will maintain its appearance overtime. Cherished for its high shine and reflective quality, this beautiful finish accentuates and complements a diverse range of bathrooms and kitchen designs. From the contemporary and classic inspired spaces to the functional or palatial, Chrome is a revered finish that enhances the mood of every space and effortlessly adds a connection to other design elements when coordinated with tapware, showers, hand rails and accessories. Whether the room's design is minimalistic, decorative or high in contrast, the versatility of Chrome can bring pure harmony or even add a desired counterpoint to bolder designs with darker textures. This superb finish has a stunning subtle blue appearance stylish and eye catching the alluring shine makes it perfect for enlivening an array of designs and spaces.
gn - Brushed Nickel


Brushed Nickel
Elegant and sophisticated, Brushed Nickel is effortlessly alluring and a renowned finish for contemporary and classical designs. From innovative and minimalistic spaces to timeless designs rich in detail and character, Brushed Nickel presents versatility and luxury. Showing an appearance similar to stainless steel, Brushed Nickel is a nickel base that is brushed back. Its arresting finish makes it an ideal choice for a range of graceful styles and exciting designs. Whether it is to add some subtle highlights to fixtures in a light-filled contemporary setting or to add definition to a gorgeous mixer before a bold colour backdrop this popular finish is splendid for bathrooms and kitchens.
ai - aged iron


aged iron
Always aesthetically pleasing, Aged Iron takes the notion of pure form further and brings an understated modern simplicity to your space. Brilliant for setting the scene for contemporary living, the simplistic finish has a modest quality that complements an array of modern designs. Featuring warm tones, reflecting simplicity and functionality, Aged Iron finish delivers a free-flowing feeling and gives a refreshingly genuine form to mixers, tapware and fixtures. This finish makes designer bathrooms and open plan kitchens become enticing spaces, where rejuvenation and gourmet creations take place with minimal distraction for maximum satisfaction.
bk - black chrome


black chrome
Confident and sophisticated, the Black Chrome finish complements contemporary spaces and traditional inspired bathrooms. Reflecting prestige while sharing a sensuous quality, the finish is an alternative to the standard dark finishes. Black Chrome is an electroplated finish that guarantees durability and consistency. Whether your requirements are for the ultimate mood or just to highlight gorgeous shape of the basin mixer in any surrounding, this stunning finish delivers a fresh dynamic to your space. Black Chrome combines elegance, style and sensuality to make your bathroom fixtures and kitchen tapware perform at their visual best and complete the designer showcase you envisaged.
Cobber varnished
Fire varnishing for an extremely elegant result
bl - Matt Black


Matt Black
From designs of contemporary clean lines to boldly conceived kitchens and bathrooms defined by depth and drama, the Matt Black finish can be the master of mood. Stylish, timeless and always elegant whether as a single design element with chic décor for a boutique hotel tone or as a strong statement within your classic contemporary canvas. Confident and progressive, the Matt Black finish can be a defining design element that has the ability to transform an entire space raising the mood and refreshing the perspective. It can bring a sought-after seriousness to the overall design, while also creating mystery and intrigue to your private and relaxing retreat.
wh - Matt White


Matt White
Simplicity, beauty and serenity define the stylish White finish. Minimalist design themes can clear the space of unnecessary detail, allowing the main focus to be on your exclusive showpieces elevating the space to a level of pure perfection. Where wonderful white encompasses your bathroom and kitchen, the White finish for mixers and fixtures presents a revered harmony. Thanks to its matt and never boring touch, this colour will add to your contemporary white canvas and allows the room to feel refreshed. Whether calmness is imperative, creativity is paramount, or the importance is on a sophisticated and simplistic setting whatever your visionary design approach may be, this is an exciting finish for the ultimate, clean designs.
Cobber living colours
Finishes that tend to oxidize over time taking a refined natural patina
ab - Aged Brass


Aged Brass
It's difficult to resist the glorious ambience of Aged Brass. For exquisite texture or desirable contrast, the finish enhances the most sophisticated designs. From modern monochrome canvases, to New York colonial inspired retreats, to commanding contemporary spaces. Constantly transforming, Aged Brass is an un-lacquered living finish that appreciates change from time, touch, water and the atmosphere. This produces its unique beautiful texture. Before this finish is dispatched, we ensure it experiences the stunning ageing process from its raw brass state. Created by hand, the finish features imperfections which makes it distinctive from electroplated finishes such as Chrome or Brushed Nickel. As a natural finish it does not need to be preserved; the ageing adds to its allure. Carefully coordinated with bath mixers, fixtures and accessories, this finish makes your space captivating and always rewarding.
bb - Brushed Brass


Brushed Brass
The Brushed Brass finish adds an elegant touch to spaces while instilling a feeling of quality and designer functionality throughout. With an authentic industrial appearance that complements a variety of designs and décor, this finish is much more subtle in its shine than polished brass and perfect for a more pared back approach to elements. For visual performance the finish offers versatility for a range of designs, from the minimalistic and ultra modern to authentic styles and rustic retreats. The finish is defined by visible brushed strokes that can truly make a space more soothing. Refreshing while representing an intelligent choice, it can provide essential texture to the room's design and overall mood without being overbearing.
bc - Brushed Copper


Brushed Copper
Matched with the perfect finish, architectural tapware becomes defining texture to transcend lavish bathrooms and sumptuous kitchens. Whether the theme is city chic, contemporary charm or luxury country flavour, Brushed Copper shares a revered elegance to add to your design. With its own alluring shine and delightful tone, the finish is more discreet and slightly more pared back in tone compared to bright copper. Brushed Copper is a copper finish that is more reserved in its appearance, and perfect for fusing with the greater design theme. Confident looks and exquisite texture lets you transform kitchen mixers, bath tapware, shower sets and more with this splendid finish that provides your space with a warmth and sophistication.
nb - Natural Brass


Natural Brass
Incredibly inviting, its beauty is very real because Natural Brass is a living finish. Gorgeous natural detail brings character and can complement a range of designs and spaces defined by white marble, dark wood and more. Natural brass tapware reacts to the environment and is known for its ability to age gracefully while retaining its functionality. As a result of the organic process, the patina the texture and colour of the surface features a stunning, ageless appearance. Enhance your design with some romance and hints of history with the natural brass finish inspired by nature and reflective of the environment. This finish is superb for capturing feelings of relaxation for bathrooms and adding an inspirational atmosphere to kitchens. This is a living finishes hence over time it will change & patina. An occasional light polish when desired with a brass polisher will help to remove the tarnish.
Cobber PVD
Ultra-hard surfaces with PVD coating
BBP - Brushed Brass PVD


Brushed Brass PVD
Brushed Brass PVD is the choice if you want the original and captivating atmosphere given by Brushed Brass that lasts over time. This finish is a long-lasting performer with low maintenance and high resistance to metallic corrosion, oxidation and it is anti-scratch. It is perfect for residential, hotel or public bathrooms and kitchens. Durability is a key advantage with your choice of Brushed Brass PVD, a finish that you can choose with confidence and be sure it will last.
BCP - Brushed Copper PVD


Brushed Copper PVD
Brushed Copper PVD is the best alternative to our Aged Brass finish. our Brushed COpper PVD is made for those customers who want to have an already aged product whose look remains the same and lasts over time. Resistant to scratching, tarnishing, abrasion, corrosion and discolouration, BCP is the best choice for captivating and warm spaces, both residential and public where the mind goes beyond any imagination, a warm atmosphere for a long lasting result.